God Is Love…


You’d look at me different if I called God Allah,
We pray for the same things,
If I pray once compared to your 3,
Where in the bible does that confirm your better than I,
When did this become a competition,
You wonder why many question religion,
You’d step on my neck to get closer to the most high,
Just to still fall short while my lord still pulls me into the sky,
Tell me why,
Why my relationship with God has to be judged and tested by my equals,
When you can’t determine my love for God,
You are not meant to correct my short comings,
We do God’s work,
We all are equal employees,
There’s not a bible verse you could read that would make you superior to me,
In that same manner none of my sins are greater than yours,
We are not meant to judge our equals,
My sins are just as sinful as yours no matter the difference in situations,
Regardless we both meet the same fate,
Religion isn’t a weapon nor is it a competition,
No one can judge your spiritual bond,
I was told to love as is,
No matter the race, religion, or background,
Love is what I have to offer,
I don’t believe we are meant follow one way of life,
It’s easy to love when we all walk the same path,
Love isn’t meant to be easy,
Having the ability to overlook all differences and accept my equals,
We all come from one no matter what you believe that one is,
My God told me to love,
Love doesn’t mean agree,
But to look past the differences and see you as I see myself,
Which isn’t easy but with anything in life,
Always Push Forward towards the goal,
Be better than yesterday.


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