For Her…

I prefer for you to smile the majority of your 24 hours,
Treat you like I got green thumb & your heart a garden of flowers,
I’m your umbrella for the rain showers,
Seen others fade away I remain solid,
You deserve to show your worth,
You deserve a piece of earth,
You deserve more than I can give,
Carried me 9 months so I could live,
Love stretch further than a bill,
I could never give you enough,
No gift could ever equal your touch,
What is love ?,
I don’t know,
But women love for real,
She so queen,
Make him want to be king,
She so queen,
Wear your crown everyday,
That’s your true victory,
Even if it isn’t meant to be,
Trying to be the greatest chapter in her story,
While together making history,
Your smile is pure bliss to me,
Trying to be the reason of it..
Fulfilling all it is that your heart covet.


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