The Bottom

“You’re never as low as you think”-Bas
It takes time and true understanding to learn that we create our own idea of “the bottom”. It starts internally with the things we tie our hearts to that brings us joy. When they aren’t working in ways we believe we need them we begin to feel hopeless. It’s almost like having tunnel vision towards your desires. Too many times to we limit ourselves & our happiness to the things we want instead of the things we need. The only bottom we have is the bottom we create for ourselves. Sometimes when we hit what we believe to be the bottom it’s the first step to raising to the mountain top.

Reasons To Die Before 25 (Excerpt)

This would have been my suicide note,
Filled with pain and promises I broke,
Giving your eye a tear after each line that I wrote,
I would have told you how I gave up,
How I was tired of standing at the edge of this cliff,
I jumped to see if the bottom was better,
Ironically the bottom when I used to pray for the highest heavens,
That would have been the end of me and this letter,
But it continues so I can tell you,
How instead of jumping off the cliff,
I gave my head a lift,
Instead of leaving you to suffer,
I’m here standing in the war with you,
My pen a pistol,
Lethal weapon,
My power beyond measure,
Through it all I just want to see your world better,
My today’s just want you to see tomorrow.

The Beauty Part 1

Lay your eyes upon her brown skin,
Thank the lord for forgiving sin,
Admire every imperfection,
How she carry pain so casually?,
Sunlight graced her skin,
Her beauty shined naturally,
This isn’t love nor does it has to be,

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Just A Little Bit. . .

I wish I could be more open,
I wish my pride wasn’t so strong,
I’d rather right my wrongs,
Instead of waiting for help to come along,
I like my problems to be my problems,
Even with the weight of other people issues,
I still carry mine also,
Sometimes I carry more than I can handle,
Even with everything falling down on me,
I never let it show,
To the point it gives an image that I don’t need help,
I can’t blame anyone for that,
As selfish and full of myself as it sounds, Continue reading “Just A Little Bit. . .”

Sip Of Lemonade


I hated writing this but….this is what I was feeling. I really don’t understand the reaction from Beyoncé’s Lemonade. First let me say Beyoncé artistry reached a new height with this album. If the most viewers got out of this was Beyoncé getting cheating on, your cheating yourself out of a great project. Now back to the reactions, a frequent comment that “If Beyoncé can get cheated on any woman can”, started firing off all over social media. No matter if she getting cheated on or not (I could care less). I just wonder did people forget how hard a relationship is. Continue reading “Sip Of Lemonade”

Carpe Diem


I read this everyday before I write anything. A special message written by someone dear to me. With each day that goes by the words get louder. It’s now at the point I can hear the words screaming at me. Seize the day, waste anything but time. Always stay true to my heart everything written comes from inside of me. To be blessed with a talent & to use it to falsify stories of life could never be me. I believe to teach as the lesson was giving to me only difference is I went through it, my only job is to try to guide you past the mistakes I’ve made. My words can take me somewhere I never could imagine…motivation. To me I’ve been over writing for myself for while, today it’s about helping, invoking thought among the people, and to serve as a push forward no matter what point of life you in. I read this message before I write anything. Maybe one day my words will be a daily serving to someone.

Black Man Get Tired.


Black man get tired,
He been running around all day,
Maybe about 300 plus years ,
Black man get tired,
Carrying his race, his case, and the kids,
Black man get tired,
Watching brothers & sisters sleep,
Refusing to wake up,
Black man get tired,
Everyday playing lottery trying to wish himself out of poverty,
Black man get tired,
He work everyday can he get a break?
He work everyday can he get a raise? Continue reading “Black Man Get Tired.”

For Her…

I prefer for you to smile the majority of your 24 hours,
Treat you like I got green thumb & your heart a garden of flowers,
I’m your umbrella for the rain showers,
Seen others fade away I remain solid,
You deserve to show your worth,
You deserve a piece of earth,
You deserve more than I can give,
Carried me 9 months so I could live,
Love stretch further than a bill, Continue reading “For Her…”