First Sip.


How many mornings do we wake up wishing something would change?,
How many times to we follow a daily routine searching for something new?,
How did we forget the common trait we all share?
The ability to create,
Sometimes it almost feels as if it’s human nature to wait for the world to change,
Instead of creating a change for the world,
Through American ways we get lost in this deep sea of self doubt,
We think about the end goal so much during the stairway to success,
We begin to skip steps mentally, Continue reading “First Sip.”


No More Black History Month!!!!!


                 Before I start, this piece was written way before Stacey Dash comments. After the backlash, I went back and edited this piece. When Discussing this topic the delivery will stand out more than the reason you have for the statement. If we dream of a world of true equality one day black history month will have to end. Not because we don’t deserve it or we will forget it. It will just eliminate the limitations on black history. Black success stretches out further than the shortest calendar month. Are we really that attached to a month that we believe it is a badge of power? Continue reading “No More Black History Month!!!!!”


#mlkday.jpgQuick thought… Why aren’t MLK words seen more universally rather than just white and black. His words can help people of all races through any situation. People think MLK and think of the battle of racism and oppression. I don’t believe Martin’s dream stopped at equality. Please stop giving him his due only in January and February.

A Shot In The Dark.

Let me start this by saying I’m an avid lover of family guy. Just like any other young person trying to develop adulthood I have plenty stressful days. Family guy is my comical escape I’ve always loved the freedom of the show direction. How the last episode more times than not has no effect on the upcoming one. A show that displays multiple American flaws, stereotypes, and social topics. Doing all these things while focusing on one family and keeping you laughing through the process. The latest episode had me at a loss… Continue reading “A Shot In The Dark.”