• Word To Self.

  • I Bit The Apple Too…(Excerpt)

    I bit the apple too Eve Though this time, The serpent, Sat in my palms, Follows me everywhere That is anywhere, On this green earth, Makes me forever take for granted, My gifts that was handed since birth, Now this plants roots tied, To a device, I like, I like to write, I like to…

  • 8/15

    Yesterday, I was. Today, I Am. Tomorrow, I will be. Set goals you can reach. Always.Push.Forward.

  • Something You Forgot.

    So is this us and who we are? Heard you lock the door, Turn on the car, Gone… The silence surround me, Trying to find answers to your actions, Not one thing in me, Couldn’t find a reason for you to leave, Without me… Our bond was everyday, Not a day went by without me,…

  • July 25th-Emmett Till

    Looked a white woman in the eyes, I should have died today, Spoke to her kept it as simple as “Hello”, Though I, Couldn’t help but think, I should have died today, As she turned away I looked once more, That’s old fashion,

  • We Tend To Forget.

    Mama never thought she was naming a hashtag, Naming a victim, Naming another cause for the march , She never thought she was naming a headline, Naming a subject of a CNN discussion, Mama never thought she was naming another name to the list, Mama took her time to create, A name to be place…

  • The Message.

    They want you in fear, They kill black men to grab your attention, They take away your fathers and brothers, They find the root of your support system and kill it, They want you to fear giving birth, They destroy the minds of growing black men so they have nothing to offer, They tie your…

  • Numbers Lie?…

    If your argument is more whites are killed by police than blacks, I advise the white community to bring these situations to the light. To me that number means nothing, as humans we tend to know what we see and what we experience. You want us to believe you face the same issues we do?…

  • Sun Down.

    Sun down, The moment my life becomes a novelty, A beacon of hope starts to dawn on me, I could never tie myself to poverty, Lost pride, Then found the God in me, Young man learned when to let the father speak,

  • 7/3

    They call it the land of the free, Just to tell you nothing’s free, Tell you to chase your dreams, While you running for somebody else’s.

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