The Formation.


Stand for what you believe in and watch the world go crazy. Show respect for what you love and be met by hatred. It’s true people fear what they don’t understand. Reading the comments and tweets all I see is ignorance and fear. As if BeyoncĂ© had just launched an attack against white people. Maybe we see it different…what I seen was someone paying homage and uplifting black culture during BLACK HISTORY MONTH. Only the guilty feel offended and threatened. Only the guilty run for cover when they see what was deemed weak unite. Without loading a single gun instead placing a fist in the air, created an unrest upon the guilty as If this was a call for war. I say the guilty because it isn’t all white people I’m so past seeing things as white and black. It’s the guilty, the people who fear equality. The people who believe the uprising of once race will be the downfall of another. That isn’t the case, the guilty don’t see the vision….We all no matter race or color can stand as one. Thanks you Queen for exposing the guilty.