For Her…

I prefer for you to smile the majority of your 24 hours,
Treat you like I got green thumb & your heart a garden of flowers,
I’m your umbrella for the rain showers,
Seen others fade away I remain solid,
You deserve to show your worth,
You deserve a piece of earth,
You deserve more than I can give,
Carried me 9 months so I could live,
Love stretch further than a bill, Continue reading “For Her…”


Black Lives Matter ?


I thought black lives matter ?
I thought black lives matter?…then I,
Heard nothing but silence,
When police sirens,
Another a nigga killed my nigga,
And you still my nigga,
But lets be real my nigga,
My brothers you killed my nigga,
Was suppose to be your brothers too my nigga,
Blacks guns to aim at black sons,
Killing those who look like you my nigga,
When a cop pull a trigger look at how we come to march,
When the cameras go away look at how we fall apart, Continue reading “Black Lives Matter ?”

No More Black History Month!!!!!


                 Before I start, this piece was written way before Stacey Dash comments. After the backlash, I went back and edited this piece. When Discussing this topic the delivery will stand out more than the reason you have for the statement. If we dream of a world of true equality one day black history month will have to end. Not because we don’t deserve it or we will forget it. It will just eliminate the limitations on black history. Black success stretches out further than the shortest calendar month. Are we really that attached to a month that we believe it is a badge of power? Continue reading “No More Black History Month!!!!!”

The Journey

I had to realize I’m not happy. Although something’s in my life bring me happiness I’m not happy. It’s still a journey for me….don’t know why I thought I reached it. I fool myself everyday 24 hours, crazy right ? Far from depressed I’m just not happy. I have short-term goals that turned into long-term goals. I have dreams that should be memories by now but still they are dreams. Time is a terrible thing to waste…I believe in that statement. Although the my actions don’t always show it. Did I fall behind ? I don’t know only time will tell…. Continue reading “The Journey”

To Be A Man Pt.1

As the young boy looked in the mirror and stared. Without a smile, staring at his self as if he was trying to win a staring contest against himself. Finally he broke the silence and screamed “When do I become a man”! Conflicted with the trails and tribulations as a youth. It’s like trying to tame uncharted waters. The vision is clear , to one day become a man, though the blueprint is blurred. He looks up again at his reflection this time less anger more confusion. He says “When do I become a man”? Continue reading “To Be A Man Pt.1”