They call it the land of the free,
Just to tell you nothing’s free,
Tell you to chase your dreams,
While you running for somebody else’s.

Just Another Nigga.

Something I could never be,
Born to leave a legacy,
Though I’m born into hell it seem,
This little light of mine I let it beam,
Refuse to be another nigga the world already seen,
Don’t need a screen to change the scene,
Change your path alter expectations,
Snakes hidden in the grasses waiting,
See you fail they congratulating, Continue reading “Just Another Nigga.”


The Bottom

“You’re never as low as you think”-Bas
It takes time and true understanding to learn that we create our own idea of “the bottom”. It starts internally with the things we tie our hearts to that brings us joy. When they aren’t working in ways we believe we need them we begin to feel hopeless. It’s almost like having tunnel vision towards your desires. Too many times to we limit ourselves & our happiness to the things we want instead of the things we need. The only bottom we have is the bottom we create for ourselves. Sometimes when we hit what we believe to be the bottom it’s the first step to raising to the mountain top.

A Shot In The Dark.

Let me start this by saying I’m an avid lover of family guy. Just like any other young person trying to develop adulthood I have plenty stressful days. Family guy is my comical escape I’ve always loved the freedom of the show direction. How the last episode more times than not has no effect on the upcoming one. A show that displays multiple American flaws, stereotypes, and social topics. Doing all these things while focusing on one family and keeping you laughing through the process. The latest episode had me at a loss… Continue reading “A Shot In The Dark.”