Dear Dawson,
You probably wondering where we go from here. Looking over the span of this past year, tired you are slightly. It takes a tough spirit to turn troubled times into progress. I’ve literally seen you travel to places you never been before. Lessons learned, homes for comfort you built completely destroyed. There was no other option other than a leap of faith or drown in doubt. “Should of left when the ink dries but you still write”. Push through hopelessness, keep moving during the moments everyone would understand why you quit. This letter seems a bit tense but Dawson I’m proud. You have a taste and want more. It’s no longer just about what tomorrow will bring, more so about what I’ll leave in my yesterday’s. Less self blame, you know heart, know yourself, and know God. A brotherhood that makes you question what’s the true importance of blood relations if we split at a meeting of the minds. Love it is …always&forever. You finished your first project and accomplished exactly what you desired. My first step into myself, the first chapter. Imagine where the story goes next…I have an idea #ASOSM. You’ll find yourself battling the adjustment of this new life. Alone it may seem at times but realize your walking through a fresh road. You see no former foot prints your creating your own path. Keep your eyes forward, create new memories, find new love outside & within….most important remain you today, tomorrow & forever.

P&L Yours Truly,


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