Make America Great…Again?

Before I start, I just want to explain I may ramble a bit within this post. I have an idea, I really want to capture my true emotions about this election…in 4 years revisit my mind during this time. Letting reality set in realizing Trump will be president starting next year. Watching it, it almost didn’t seem real. Then I felt it perhaps the same feeling a white racist may have felt when Obama won. What Obama stood for, what his family represented, his message and the hope he manifested in people created a fear among white supremacy. Back then those same people thought war, an uprising of blacks, the failure of America, etc. Today it’s the reverse effect & although the cards look to be in Trumps hand, how many times have we as people predicted situations wrong ? Look at this election from the beginning the man we thought was least likely to win, won. Maybe I’m optimistic but the illusion of power is strong, ask yourself are you really in fear ? Or is it simply just lack of knowledge? Maybe we’re giving the future potus too much credit…yes even the blacks that believe the next four years will be hell. May we endure and continue the goal of unity when it’s believed to be headed in the worst direction since the 2000’s. Why not shock the world ? Or maybe my eyes are blinded by a rude awakening that’s about to happen? My heart believes in the people first, one man doesn’t control my next four years of life. One of my favorite personal line is when I said “no matter the potus I don’t have any hope”. I still stand by it, I wanted Hillary to build on the progress Obama made. While I agree she wasn’t the best, she wasn’t a rookie at this and the more respectable candidate. While I wanted Hillary to win, I didn’t expect major change but she had a foundation to build off of. To see a drastic change, it starts locally, laws need to change, etc. I don’t have all the answers Sway but it doesn’t start nor end with the president. Trump won’t accomplish all he set out to in 4 years, it’s a second term that would be more crushing. Trump’s great America is yet to be seen, but one thing Trump did already was MADE AMERICA HONEST AGAIN.



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