July 25th-Emmett Till


Looked a white woman in the eyes,
I should have died today,
Spoke to her kept it as simple as “Hello”,
Though I,
Couldn’t help but think,
I should have died today,
As she turned away I looked once more,
That’s old fashion,
Eyes wasn’t looking with lust or false passion,
But with the thought the moment crafted,
I should have died today,
Here I am with a heartbeat,
Watching my county from the front seat,
Turn on the tv…
White women,
Decided to read,
Every cover of the magazines…
White women,
Now I would be a liar,
If I didn’t admit my country desires,
Seems to guide me to aspire to be with…
White women,
I should have died today…
Today my actions was Emmett Till,
I should have died today,
With my killer walking free,
Open casket for the world to see…
I should have died today,
But I didn’t deserve it,
Why did he ?
Die from something that’s now embedded in the American Dream,
Today they rather see me with a white woman instead of a black queen,
I should have died today Emmett…
Still I live as you should have too,
Nothing is better than life,
So though it may not mean much,
Pray it grant you a piece of peace.

Happy birthday Emmett Till


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