The War (2010)

You call this the promise land, well then tell me man, why are people dying, why are bullets flying, why are the women crying, why are the babies dying, the truth in your face but you continue lying, why do our people quit before trying, why do we base, each other on race, instead of the person you are, fighting, instead of uniting as one, look at the world it’s almost done, and you don’t see that, thanks to Barack sky is the limit if you black, get off your ass and work excuses are wack, God gave us freewill, a heart to love, a spirit to heal, a mind to think, and the devil is around every time you blink, everything is messed up, the school systems, jobs, police, and the list goes on, our closest friends die and they tell us life goes on, no time to mourn, some people have nothing, so whatever they want they take, police don’t stop it, other people watch it, and no one help, but when it happen to them, they expect the help, the same help they didn’t want to give, what people do is confusing and disturbing earth is no place to live, all they do is take never give, they take your house, cars, money, and even your kids, they rape grown women and the kids, what goes on in there heads, minds are a beautiful thing and a blessing but still, all they think about is kill, the world is getting better, don’t lie it’s worse be real, the sky is falling, the ground is rising, it’s a war we got to march to the people, that try to defeat you, to stop the outer war, we have to begin an inner war, we want peace, they want war, we scream less, they yell more, are you ready for what we have become, we are the beginning, of our own ending…..


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