Somethings have to be said..


America, we can ruin countless young black lives & trap young black youth in the system. Yet show pity to the white youth. A topic I can expand on but before this Brock Turner situation is made about race. The victims here are women, a blatant slap in the face. How do you defend someone’s choice to forcefully take something ? A person’s choice to leave a woman with an event that may haunt them for the rest of their life. His fathers plea that it was only “20 minutes of action” is even more sicken. 20 minutes or 5 minutes rape is rape. For his father Dan Turner to even mention his sons depression is insensitive. No matter what Brock feels you can’t make him a victim. To look at this picture deeper it’s sad that this mentally exist in men. I’m tired of the “she was drunk”, “she wore revealing clothes”, no matter the case nothing entitles you to forcefully take anything from a woman. All it takes is self-control its sad something so simple seems as it’s hard to execute for some men. On top of that its a shame that certain court systems can really sympathize with the rapist. As a gender how far have we really advanced when we still have men that act like animals entitled to whatever they desire. The struggles we may face as men is nothing compared to this. I pray to one day be in a position to shed more light on these issues. As a man myself we can’t allow for these type of cases to continue to pile up as well as the situations that are never brought to the light. We as men have to do better & protect our women.


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