The Beauty Part 1

Lay your eyes upon her brown skin,
Thank the lord for forgiving sin,
Admire every imperfection,
How she carry pain so casually?,
Sunlight graced her skin,
Her beauty shined naturally,
This isn’t love nor does it has to be,

More of a masterpiece,
Body of art,
Mind of wonder,
Makeup could never,
Change the make up of you woman,
The power in her stride,
Promise of success In her smile,
You contemplate how,
How she find happiness in the world she came from,
Every chance she had to lay on back,
She’d rather stand on her feet,
“I’ll be damned if I’m weak”,
Every minute she spent waiting for a man,
She’d spend an hour never to wait again,
“I’ll be damned if I’m weak”,
If she could scream it to the heavens she would…To be continued.

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