Just A Little Bit. . .

I wish I could be more open,
I wish my pride wasn’t so strong,
I’d rather right my wrongs,
Instead of waiting for help to come along,
I like my problems to be my problems,
Even with the weight of other people issues,
I still carry mine also,
Sometimes I carry more than I can handle,
Even with everything falling down on me,
I never let it show,
To the point it gives an image that I don’t need help,
I can’t blame anyone for that,
As selfish and full of myself as it sounds,
The fact that I’ll never get the experience of having myself as a friend,
I hope that sounds correct…
That’s not to say I’d prefer myself over the people in my life,
I’m just more comfortable with myself than anyone else,
Which isn’t good at all,
A lot stems from a short lived childhood,
Growing up faster than I should of haunts me to this day,
I put my pain in jokes to get a laugh out of them,
You can’t take everything In life serious all day everyday,
That’s how people end up depressed,
I just reached a point of its either learn to be open,
Or fall victim to the weight I threw on my own shoulders,
I wish I could be more open,
I wish my pride wasn’t so strong,
Maybe then I could feel like everyone else around me.
Side note: This is probably the most open I’ve been in months…so I guess this is my start ?


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