end_racism_thru_unityThe title may not do this post any justice. It’s hard to choose when the body is this deep. A mix between what if, what’s next, and what truly fuels your goals of success. For the black community it’s common to have the goal to fight oppression. The push to prove the “white man” wrong. What happens if you take away racism ? What if true equality of race existed ? Better jobs for the poorer communities, white cops actually arrested after killing unarmed black citizens. Takeaway all of it then ask yourself what’s your passion.
We all dream of a free world, free of racism and free of oppression. If so where does it place. We are a race that built success by continuously knocking down walls of discrimination. What happens when our culture actually reach true unity ? When black success becomes the norm, when blacks are scattered in almost every field and there are no more “First black person” to achieve a new height. What then becomes the fuel for a race that’s been battling for equality over 300 years. When that wall get knocked down what’s next ? I feel as if we as in black people are coming after what we rightful deserve. No issue in that but I also feel as if there is no plan in place for when the war is won. I’m all for black empowerment, a lot of my own material is fueled by the inequalities that still exist today. I ask you the same question I’ve been asking myself…..would the passion still be there ? Think of when segregation ended. I’m sure to an extent it felt like it would never end and once it did it wasn’t a clear plan in place for black success. More so we become divided among ourselves  which weakened black unity. Do we focus on the issue so much that we ignore life after the dust settles ?….I’m guilty of it too, I don’t have a clue of where to even start to create a plan. Hopefully I may spark the mind that has the ideas….This is me just bringing a thought to the light…


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