Sip Of Lemonade


I hated writing this but….this is what I was feeling. I really don’t understand the reaction from Beyoncé’s Lemonade. First let me say Beyoncé artistry reached a new height with this album. If the most viewers got out of this was Beyoncé getting cheating on, your cheating yourself out of a great project. Now back to the reactions, a frequent comment that “If Beyoncé can get cheated on any woman can”, started firing off all over social media. No matter if she getting cheated on or not (I could care less). I just wonder did people forget how hard a relationship is. No matter what two people you put together, no matter the situations they go through, nobody is immune from the struggle of two people trying to work in one accord. The state of society today without a doubt makes that challenge 10 times harder compared to past generations. Add in social media that challenge just became a war. I see no need to be shocked by any problem any relationship has. What’s love without a struggle? If it was easy I doubt anybody would be single. Beyoncé set a great example though through all of this. Whenever you feel the need to share your problems with the public have your solution prior to doing that. People love to tell other people what to do with their life, everybody knows best behind a keyboard. Always be certain in any decision you make 9 times out of 10 people will still take your situation & critique it as if it’s their own. When your mind is made up, not one opinion can sway you to believe anything different. When dealing with a relationship and social media that’s important to remember and apply to your own situation.


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