Black Lives Matter ?


I thought black lives matter ?
I thought black lives matter?…then I,
Heard nothing but silence,
When police sirens,
Another a nigga killed my nigga,
And you still my nigga,
But lets be real my nigga,
My brothers you killed my nigga,
Was suppose to be your brothers too my nigga,
Blacks guns to aim at black sons,
Killing those who look like you my nigga,
When a cop pull a trigger look at how we come to march,
When the cameras go away look at how we fall apart,
Look at how we accept when Ray Ray kill Tyrone,
Rip tweets & candle lights,
No filled streets,
No march for peace,
But there’s a belief,
That black lives matter,
Maybe Black Death need national attention,
Maybe then black on black crime can trend & get a mention,
It happens in my city everyday,
Why look and turn the other way?,
I thought black lives mattered ?,
But I heard nothing but silence,
Another day same police sirens,
When will black lives matter enough to stop black violence ?


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