Maybe it’s age,
Maybe it’s awareness,
No matter what it may be,
You reach a point in life when really start to cherish it,
You try to focus in on your present,
Too often we try to forget the past by being forward thinking,
Sometimes the present fails to receive proper attention,
While running from your past to run into your future,
We run past the bicycle on the side of the road labeled the present day,
We miss out on that assistance,
Not having that bike to sometimes pace ourselves,
Coast when needed,
Pedal harder when needed,
Instead of running full speed until exhaustion of the first lap of your future,
If you don’t understand the value of today,
You’ll never understand what your future is worth,
It’s human nature to plan and dream for better situations,
But there’s no way to reach the top of the ladder without taking your first step,
I try to be as progressive as possible,
Even though I have days when I fall short,
The day after I push twice as harder,
Waking up to read about recent homicides and shootings
In my city doesn’t create a fear for me,
The beauty found in that daunting ugliness,
Is to cherish my days more than ever especially at my young age,
It could happen to me,
Some people didn’t make through yesterday,
Understand why today is a present,
Before you look forward towards tomorrow,
PeACE & Love


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