First Sip.


How many mornings do we wake up wishing something would change?,
How many times to we follow a daily routine searching for something new?,
How did we forget the common trait we all share?
The ability to create,
Sometimes it almost feels as if it’s human nature to wait for the world to change,
Instead of creating a change for the world,
Through American ways we get lost in this deep sea of self doubt,
We think about the end goal so much during the stairway to success,
We begin to skip steps mentally,
In reality you start to fall further further away from your goals,
People get caught up in the desire to skip struggle,
People will spend money on losing lottery tickets daily,
But wouldn’t put a dollar towards their own goals,
You want people to believe in you before you believe in yourself,
Everyday we wake up we all are capable of creating change,
Instead your more concerned with the impact,
Your more so afraid that no matter what you create it won’t be good enough,
It wouldn’t get you the attention you desire,
You’d rather live in fear and self doubt forever,
Instead of planting your seed and supporting your seed while it grows,
You have to sleep to be a dreamer,
Some dreamers never wake up to create their reality.


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