No More Black History Month!!!!!


                 Before I start, this piece was written way before Stacey Dash comments. After the backlash, I went back and edited this piece. When Discussing this topic the delivery will stand out more than the reason you have for the statement. If we dream of a world of true equality one day black history month will have to end. Not because we don’t deserve it or we will forget it. It will just eliminate the limitations on black history. Black success stretches out further than the shortest calendar month. Are we really that attached to a month that we believe it is a badge of power? When school teachers replicate lessons on the same 3 black icons (Martin, Malcolm and Harriet) every year as if they’re aren’t others of significance. I can tell you how many times I’ve had to read the “I have a dream” speech and put it in my own words on a year to year basis. What baffles me is my race breakdown barriers every year and schools still teach the same things. Slavery and segregation should not be the highlight of black history. We’ve traveled far away from that place but still it remains the main components of black history. Why should it be this way? I ask. Black history didn’t start with slavery. Black history month really should have been titled “lack of knowledge black history in America month”. I love MLK Jr. and everything he stood for, but we have actual kings and queens within our history. We don’t listen when the government give us excuses on why white cops walk free after killing unarmed teens. We don’t want to listen when we snubbed at award shows. We don’t listen when they jail our youth, but we listen when they tell us to celebrate black history for a month. They literally setup a month to draw in our attention. When they distract us from the truth it gives them power to keep us trapped. Black history month gives us an illusion of black power. Giving a culture a month to celebrate their history should be an insult….but some of my folk look at it like its a significance…. If it were so powerful trust, white people would of had one first. We want to rid the world of labels and we’re tired of feeling like we’re at the bottom of America. End black history month turn every year into black history year. Celebrate and learn about our culture past and present daily. It shouldn’t be a set  month period for that. As long as we have black history month every step forward we take will become a greater weapon to us against us….Learn to let go of black history month, black history is endless and forever growing. Accept change to create a better reality.

Peace and love

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