She Asked Me Why Do I Like Roses ?


She asked with red lipstick on,
That mirrors her red nails,
Which brings me to one of my favorite details,
Rose pedals,
Even separated the beauty still intact,
So relax,
I know where it come from,
A flower I love down to the root,
Cut by your thorns but still in pursuit,
The stem resembles struggle,
We all know that,
I took the time to notice,
Know this,
I seen your struggle and pain,
To contribute to your growth like the water from rain,
Although there is no blood or no veins,
My heart tied to you as if you was human being,
We share the same oxygen and land,
Must share love,
Every time I want to show it you in demand,
Because you and the definition of beauty goes hand and hand,
See other men afraid of the stem,
They so into your pedals,
So much?
They can’t help you reach different levels,
Me I see both,
I understand the two,
Your beauty and your struggle,
How it make you one,
The things you been through,
Takeaway your perfection,
But it make you beautiful,
She asked me why I like roses?,
I told her,
When I see a rose,
I see you,
Beauty at the surface,
Look further and I see your pain surface,
Once I put the two together,
I see your pure beauty,
I accept your beauty as well as I accept your thorns,
I love you down to your crown,
Admire everything up from the root,
From the Rose to you woman my love absolute


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