Black Is…

Black is special,

Never be afraid of your shade,

the Lord has blessed you,

No matter what they say on TV,

You are not a statistic ,

Black and you’re gifted,

They try to hide you from what you should know,

Since day one black was beautiful,

Black was royal,

The most high and loyal,

Black is special,

Reason why they plot to destroy you,

Black and humble,

Walk with pride you’ll never fumble,

Before black was nigger or nigga,

Black was king and queen,

They want to separate us ,

Scared of black unity,

Social media and the news all spread scrutiny ,

Countless distractions creating madness,

Blinding you from this blackness,

Somebody tell the wise,

The revolution won’t be televised,

Bring back black love,

Bring back black pride,

Bring back black families,

Bring back black unity,

Save the black lives,

Black is important ,

Together spread black voices,

We need each other,

Save our sisters and brothers,

Black is special .


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