I can’t call this a poem, 

To myself I guess…this is just a free write,

So much goes into this piece,

Lacks structure,

Reasons why ?

It reflects my life,

No structure,

No clear sight into the future,

Just hope and confusion,

I’ve seen my life go in circles so many times,

The cycle drives me crazy,

I am not apart of my environment,

Still growing up in the “hood” as some would say,

Slowly wears you down

I see the mentality my people was forced into years ago,

I started to understand how hard it is to be a black male,

When you around something so much,

and people know where you come from,

They throw labels on you without even knowing you,

Police cars that babysit the corner,

In this neighborhood,

As a black male no matter who you are,

Or what you do,

They see nothing but another nigga,

Another nigga without a future,

The only life you’ll have will be tied to this block,

Your expectations of me doesn’t matter,

Which is why I set expectations for myself ,

I wish most of my brothers could think the same,

But I understand why not,

Most can’t see an escape,

When your love ones give up on you

And there’s no role models around,

It breaks you down to the point all you see is all you believe you have,

You won’t take chances because your comfortable,

This neighborhood was the only thing that accepted you no matter what,

Easy to fall in love,

I need more,

Seeing the same thing everyday with no hope or plan to leave…

It’s just living to die,

I don’t know where I’m headed,

I do know I am more than what people see,

I know God,

I know I’m more than what life has given me in the moment,

I know I can go further than this,

A life not close to its peak,

I realize these things which is why I continue to push forward…

Always push forward ,



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