The Journey

I had to realize I’m not happy. Although something’s in my life bring me happiness I’m not happy. It’s still a journey for me….don’t know why I thought I reached it. I fool myself everyday 24 hours, crazy right ? Far from depressed I’m just not happy. I have short-term goals that turned into long-term goals. I have dreams that should be memories by now but still they are dreams. Time is a terrible thing to waste…I believe in that statement. Although the my actions don’t always show it. Did I fall behind ? I don’t know only time will tell….Only thing to do now is search for happiness and enjoy the journey. Like most people I believe I became comfortable with life. That’s the scariest thing , you can become so blind when your comfortable. You never want to step out of your cycle or try anything new. Never at risk to take chances or change anything about your everyday life. Being comfortable at the wrong time is almost like a mental coma….You just have to hope you wake up before it’s too late. Watching years go by while your progress has stopped. Waking up a new year but the same person. Accept the journey isn’t short or easy and when it feel too good make sure you don’t fall in love with the comfort.


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