Have pride black girl,
You deserve the world black girl,
Accept yourself black girl,
Give your all and learn black girl,
Have pride black girl,
Grow black girl,

They want your style black woman,
Want your skin black woman,
Take the makeup off for a day,
Show your beauty black woman,
Take off the weave black woman,
Let them see you natural black woman,
Be a queen black woman,
Grow a seed black woman,
They want your babies black mama,
Want your smile black mama,
Want you to fail black mama ,
Put you through drama black mama,
Want you to struggle black mama,
But work black mama,
Get all you deserve black mama,
Your children working to give you the world black mama.

One thought on “QUEEN

  1. Brandon…

    Such choice words written with much appreciation for mankind. Grow strong with your talent day-by-day. Find what you need to do to exploit your talent. Don’t be afraid to step out and go for it. Nothing in life can be so rewarding than doing what your gifts allow you to do. Now is the time to come out of the cold and express yourself with desire and passion. Continue to write your dreams down with the sole purpose of creating a master piece of find art and skill. No one has a better talent than you. Capture the moment. Pop Pop. ..

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