To Be A Man Pt.1

As the young boy looked in the mirror and stared. Without a smile, staring at his self as if he was trying to win a staring contest against himself. Finally he broke the silence and screamed “When do I become a man”! Conflicted with the trails and tribulations as a youth. It’s like trying to tame uncharted waters. The vision is clear , to one day become a man, though the blueprint is blurred. He looks up again at his reflection this time less anger more confusion. He says “When do I become a man”? Have I met a real man before? Is it something you see or is it something you feel? Is it based off of your actions? Am I meant to be a husband first ? I don’t understand , I can not grasp the definition of a man. At 21 I’m judged as a man what if I don’t see myself as a man yet. It’s like being forced into a position that young boys analyze because one day they face the same fate. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand , I see male adults but barely see any men. It’s not about money or age. Part of being a man is the art of building. It’s responsibility , it’s a honor , it’s it’s too much. Their isn’t a book to read, no movie to watch. Are the leaders in hiding ? Where are the proud men? Are we just the forgotten youth ? We are forced to learn on the fly. Praying the loud mistakes never drown out the voices of our heart. On this journey we will all be misunderstood, we’re given 21 years to understand. No matter how we may run, walk, or drag ourselves into manhood. It’s a process we have to accept and be realistic. One day this mirror I’m staring at will be the face of my son. When he asks “when do I become a man” what will I say? What path will I have laid down for him to look at . What mistakes will he see ? What will I say that will make him want to go further than I did ? The silence returns….he looks at the mirror again, shatters it and walks away.


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